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Hey guys

2013-07-07 13:10:29 by NewNewKrashTwisted

I'm working on a new project called "Art of IDC", Ima upload tht s**t Soon. :)

I say I'm bck, but thn my computer dun fucked up on me. *Sigh* Ain't been on sence 2012 sumthin. We'll, once again, Now im bck. #Damn virus.

Damn, its been like a month sence Ive been up here. The things Ive had to do jus keep pilein up like letters to Obama's office, Abt how awesome he is. I loves the president. ^_^ Anyways im bck finally, nd Marry Christmas to all of ya'll. :)


2012-11-10 10:29:19 by NewNewKrashTwisted

Hey every1 been awhile sence I was up here nd it might be temperary due 2 my grades nd shit. But right now its saturday so FUCK IT! :)

Srry Yall..

2012-09-08 11:40:56 by NewNewKrashTwisted

Srry I aint been up hear lately I been busy with skool and everything,But I should b postin more art up here soon.. :)

Continuein onn

2012-08-02 19:50:13 by NewNewKrashTwisted

Mkay,So My last picture was consernin my pordject,(The Noo Mouth Project) and im continuein onn with it. If any1 has seen that picture I put up awhile back,(Enchanted),Im postin the new fineshed version 2day. She is now 1 of my projects very first beautiful Pyromancers and I plan 2 draw around five more..

Continuein onn

New 2 look forward 2

2012-07-17 21:35:40 by NewNewKrashTwisted

So this summer I was thinkin,nd I want 2 announce that I will start maybe a 10-page project. Im callin it the "No Mouth" project :) Nd heres the first page. :)

New 2 look forward 2

Ok so I doubt ur fermilure(<I knw i spelt tht wrong)with my old account but if or if u arent this is my new account. So yeah,umm lol thts all fer now.